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He set up a building firm and recruits five young architects to work on an affordable housing projects for new teachers in the north of Morocco in gratitude for what his former teachers have done for him. Any violations of this principle can result in severe economic and political sanctions. Salma: When was the League of Nations formed? They are rude and think they can say or do anything to anyone without the other person having any recourse. Careless manufacturing methods employed by some industries and absence of consumer demand for environmentally safe products have been behind the pollution problem. Poor countries should benefit from the worlds wealth as much as rich countries. On my way to work, I usually stop to pick up hitchhikers, whatever they look like. Youre quite right Thats just how I see it. It is frightening to see people throw garbage in public places.

It was certainly worth listening to. They could improve their health then.

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In brief WHOs greatest concern must always rest with disadvantaged and vulnerable groups; that is to say, the groups who often live in remote rural areas or shanty towns and have little political voice. To simplify morewe may say as a fact that.

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In fact this concept has changed and now most people a fully realise how important this thing : It is not even an eraggeration to say that some people would consider it u must for the improvement and devlopment of their societies so there is no wonder when we see people so eager for such a lung for now they are totally aware of its significanse and its importance.

Journalist: What did he do this morning? For example, science might study the flow of electrons in electrical conductors, by using already-existing tools and knowledge. In these countries, higher education and professional certification are often viewed as the surest way to escape from a troubled economy or difficult political situation.

Singing and using Moroccan dialect is a lot of fun for them.

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Powerful states have a special responsibility to take account of global views and interests. I couldnt agree more. We are allowed to use only English in our classroom.

We can only process complete applications for admission.

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A: I think Im not qualified enough to get it. Uses of the gerund and infinitive p Excluding women from the political scene is a hindrance to women empowerment. Best wishes , II- E-mail Writing : Email is a typed message or mail distributed by an electronic means computer, smartphone … to a person via network. First, we can't ignore the active contribution of women in our society as nurses, teachers or mothers and wives. My mother was cooking lunch when I got home yesterday. B: I really feel that hes the funniest actor in Morocco. Brahim asked his friend how he defined a good citizen. Father: You know thats not true. As far as I am concerned, making wise use of national resources such as water and energy is very important. If I hadnt eaten so much last night, I wouldnt have felt terrible.
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